Coyote Sightings in Culver City – How to Report

The coyote weaning season is from June through July/August. During this time, coyotes are more protective of the denning areas and more active in hunting food. Coyotes may display more territorial behaviors and may stand its ground to protect its den and pups.

• Keep your distance; do not approach the coyote.

• Keep your dogs on a leash and under your control.

• Keep cats indoors.

• Supervise children and pets when outdoors.

• Never attempt to feed a coyote. Do not leave human or pet food
outside where coyotes might eat it.

• If you encounter a coyote, stand your ground, yell, stomp your feet, and wave your arms. If the coyote advances on you, continue making noise, but start backing away toward safety.

Coyote Sighting Report form:

Please report wildlife sightings and issues to 310-253-6141 or [email protected]. As always, call 911 in case of an emergency.

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