Prime Time Basketball – Centaurs Win Against Yankees

Prime Time Basketball is a league where getting on the court is what matters, and everyone wins. Congratulations to the CCHS Team Prime Time basketball team on a great performance against Hamilton High School this past week.

It was a fantastic game by both schools as the Centaurs defeated the Yankees in a close game. Students had a great time playing the game, and there were plenty of smiling faces. A big “Thank You” to Dr Jonathan Chapman for coaching the CCHS team this season. His decades of of experience as a basketball player and coach, coupled with his leadership in education are valuable assets to the program.

Also, a special thanks to the CCHS peer coaches who did a sensational job encouraging players and exemplifying the Six Pillars of Character in action.

CCHS is in its fifth year as participants in the Team Prime Time program, which creates full-inclusion teams by pairing underprivileged youth and children with special needs with peer coaches from the same high school, giving children with developmental challenges the only real opportunity to participate in a mainstream high school sports experience.


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