Dog Licenses – Part of the Plan

Of the many topics discussed at City Hall on May 20 and 21, 2019 under the umbrella of “Budget Sessions,” the humble topic of pet licensing had its moment.  While the city needs revenue to keep Animal Services fully staffed and operational, most residents who own dogs are not in compliance with licensure laws.

Animal Services Officer Corolla Fleeger estimated that only 1% of the dogs in the city are up to date on licensing. Slightly more than one thousand dogs are currently licensed.

“With 40,000 residents in this city, I think we may have – at least – 39,000 dogs. Culver City loves pets!” Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells offered during the presentation from the Culver City Police Department.

Police offered their frustrations in regard to getting the residents to understand that paying into the system is what supports the system that takes care of animal related issues. When there is an emergency situation, the city responds as quickly and efficiently as possible. During the ‘coyote crisis’ of 2018, it was estimated that Officer Fleeger was working up to 16 hours a day for weeks at a time.

Obvious problems often have obvious solutions.

Dogs can be licensed quickly and easily – online. Go to

For additional questions please contact Animal Services Officer Corolla Fleeger @ 310-253-6143 or by email [email protected]

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