CCEF Offers Thanks to All Volunteers – Tribute to the Stars: Prom Edition

It’s one of the most crucial roles in education: volunteers. The Culver City Education Foundation held another wildly successful “Tribute to the Stars” this past weekend on May 4, 2019, celebrating the parents and community members who put their shoulders to the wheel all year long in every school in the district.

The “Prom Theme” party took place at Playa Studios, and like any good prom, it was about style. Top Honors went to Kim Etheredge, Co-founder of Mixed Chicks, an international beauty brand and this year’s recipient of the Culver Pride Award. Kim, a CCUSD graduate of Farragut, CCMS and CCHS – Class of 1989, was delighted to receive the award.

Sony Pictures, the title sponsor for the annual fundraising event, sponsored the Teacher of the Year Award to Laura Tollefson from El Rincon Elementary School. Sony has sponsored this award for 21 years.

Culver City Rotarian, Keith Jones presented Ana Mili Mercado with Classified Employee of the Year Award.  sponsored by Culver City Rotary Community Foundation.

Each school gave a round of applause to their own ‘”volunteer” of the year, as noted ;

High School 
Volunteer of the Year  – George Laase
Lin Howe 
Volunteer of the Year– Jennifer Conlin
Culver Park
Volunteer of the Year– Paula Guzman
Volunteers of the Year – Eugenie Lago,  Angela Penchansky,

El Rincon

Volunteer and PTA President-  Lauren Jagnow
Volunteer of the Year–  Bronwen Hunter
 Volunteer and PAC President- Connie Wong
El Marino
Volunteers– Bobbi Schiflett, Lara Embry
La Ballona
Volunteer– Sean McMullan

CCEF also offered thanks to event planner, Luca Fiorini and the event committee members: Beth Stewart, Wendy Hamill, Elaine Behnken, Jodie Fratantuno, Aileen Zeidman, Mike Racine.

Major applause is also due to Melanie Mack, the Executive Director of the CCEF, and her assistant Chris Richardson, who worked to create a fundraiser and celebration that was prom postcard perfect.

Photo of CCEF Board Members, courtesy of CCEF

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