CC Women’s Club – Annual Walk for Reforestation

The Culver City Woman’s Club recently held their annual walk around the lake at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area in Baldwin Hills to raise money for the California Penny Pines Reforestation program. This program was started in 1941 by a women’s organization in San Francisco. Seedlings could be purchased for a penny each, hence the name “Penny Pines.”

At that time, the forest service paid for the cost of site preparation and planting, while donations paid for the seedlings to be planted. In 1964, it was decided that funds collected under the Penny Pines program would be used for reforestation costs other than just for purchasing seedlings. These funds are now used for site preparation and planting of the seedlings after a fire, as well as maintenance of existing trees. Seven times more forest vegetation is lost annually due to disease and insect infestation than loss due to fires.

Money was donated to sponsor the walkers and enough money was raised to fund several acres of replanting. Shown in the photo, from left to right: Back row – Ann Miks, Jane Finstrom, Cathy Reid, Pat Harmon, Susan Demmer, Rhonda Byer, Barbara Rainier and Jodi Nadel; Front row – Carol Lonero, Sue Beltran, Fabiola Hensley, Angie Waller, Bonnie Thomas, Alice Gardello and Judit Harris.

For information about the Culver City Woman’s Club please call Barbara at 310-391-2098.

Barbara Rainier

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