Addressing Climate Disruption for a Greener Tomorrow

Join us on Saturday, April 6th from 3-5 PM at West Los Angeles College, Fine Arts Auditorium for a Panel moderated by Dr. Jim Limbaugh, PhD, President of WLA College.

Various sources from climate books to UN studies stress we are already far down the road to a different earth. At this critical point in time, we invite you to join the conversation leading to committed action to help prevent escalating life-altering disruption.

Our panelists include Albert Vera, Jr. for the Chamber of Commerce new Green Business committee; Disa Lindgren, Culver-Palms United Methodist Church, the Social Justice Team on Culver City’s Transition Town movement; and others.

Join our Panel in Breakout sessions on options we have, and what we can collaboratively do right here right now. We have the science and technology to make the change. Only element needed is you!

For more information contact Dr Suzanne DeBenedittis at 310-204-0570 or [email protected]

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