West Basin Celebrates World Water Day with “Water for Tomorrow”

On this World Water Day the West Basin Municipal Water District introduces a renewed approach to addressing its service area’s water future. The Water for Tomorrow Program brings new emphasis to West Basin’s commitment to protecting, securing and diversifying its water supply portfolio while building upon its history of innovation and industry leadership.

“Ensuring that our region’s needs are met both now and in the future is our most important role as water stewards,” said Board President Scott Houston. “Water for Tomorrow addresses our service area’s unique water supply challenges by ensuring long-term water reliability and security for the communities we serve.”

Southern California’s water supply is less certain and less reliable because it comes from a variety of sources, including Northern California and the Colorado River. Unpredictable ebbs and flows of imported drinking water, environmental and regulatory decisions impacting supply availability, and the uncertainty affiliated with climate change further dictate that more preparation is needed to be ready for future water supply challenges. World Water Day, celebrated annually on March 22, is an opportunity to highlight the importance of water and the sustainable management of our resources both globally and locally.

In the District’s efforts to secure its water future, West Basin and the Water for Tomorrow Program will continue to advance conservation and water use efficiency as a cornerstone of its resource management plan. The District will also focus on improving the reliability of our region’s critical imported water supplies, continuing to invest in its recycled water program, and exploring local drinking water supplies such as potable water reuse and desalination.

The Water for Tomorrow Program will be highlighted throughout West Basin’s community outreach and education programs on an ongoing basis. Additionally, materials will be available at the numerous free conservation events offered in the District’s service area, such as free rain barrel distributions, turf replacement classes and greywater workshops. Speakers from the District are also available to discuss the Water for Tomorrow Program with local organizations and community groups.

To learn more about Water for Tomorrow, please visit www.westbasin.org/waterfortomorrow.

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