LAX – Metro Monorail Breaks Ground

If 2023 feels far off, consider that a transportation link between the airport and the Metro system has been in discussion for decades. The L.A. City Council approved almost $5 Billion in funds for the project in April of 2018.  Now, we have an ETA.

The construction of a two and quarter mile elevated monorail system will have three stops at the LAX central terminal area, two stops at ‘intermodal transportation facilities” and end at the planned car rental terminal. Nine trains, which will each operate in four-car sets will have space for up to 200 passengers. The trains will operate on two-minute turnaround, with a 10-minute end-to-end journey around the airport.

Construction of the $5.5-billion project will be largely complete by 2022, with an opening date to follow in 2023.

Connection to the main Metro lines will  be located along Aviation Boulevard with $500-million light rail station planned to join the Crenshaw/LAX Line, the Green Line, and multiple bus lines. The station is scheduled to open concurrently with the people mover in 2023.

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