Dear Editor – Safe Routes to School Outreach

Safe Routes to School Project Community Outreach Event is scheduled for Saturday, March 16, La Ballona Elementary. It’s there for community members to stop by anytime from 10-4,  to view the entire project, ask questions and provide feedback

Perhaps you have heard about the Safe Routes to School project slated for construction this summer. This project will reimagine the neighborhood behind La Ballona in much the same way as the changes have improved the area around Linwood E. Howe. The project will also include improvements around Telefson Park (where the Washington’s merge) and along Elenda. Perhaps you participated in the Experience Elenda project this past September and got a small taste of what is to come.

The project itself will have long term, positive effects for everyone in this community. Although technically a Safe Routes to School project, the design reflects Culver City’s intention to create a city more accessible for walking and cycling for all residents. Yes, it will help students more safely arrive and depart from La Ballona Elementary school. But it will also make street crossings safer for all residents, of any age and ability, every day. For example, the curb extensions at the intersections will slow car traffic and encourage a more complete stop, as well as provide more visibility and shorter crossings for all pedestrians including children, adults with strollers, handicapped and elderly residents.

The proposed 2-way bike lane along Elenda will provide a valuable North/South corridor for students connecting from the Culver path to the school. It will also have added benefits for commuting cyclists, creating a safer connection between Venice, Washington and Culver Boulevards to the Culver Bike Path and the Ballona Creek path entrance behind the tri-school complex.

Further, the new 4-way stop sign and high visibility crosswalks at Murietta and Elenda will better manage traffic along that stretch allowing easier exiting from Studio Estates and safer crossings for residents trying to access the Culver Path.

It’s really important to understand that this is a $2.8 million government-funded project that has been in the works for over five years. It has been designed, viewed, vetted, altered and reviewed again based on community input. It is designed to improve traffic flow, reduce speeds, and create safer streets for CCUSD students and the residents in the vicinity of the project. For example, as a result of public comment, additional parking has been removed at the residential entrances of Studio Estates to provide better visibility to drivers exiting the neighborhood, and cyclists passing by.

And the City is not done with their outreach. In an effort to hear from as many residents as possible, there will be an open house event at La Ballona Elementary School, Saturday, March 16. This is a great opportunity to view and comment on the entire project. I hope everyone will take a few moments out of their day to stop by and be part of the conversation – and part of the solution.

If you cannot attend the meeting, please share your thoughts with Sanjana Mada: [email protected]

Thank you;

Jim Shanman

Culver City Safe Routes to School Coordinator



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