Power Shift – Culver City Changes to Clean Power Alliance for Energy

With the turn of a calendar page, a new era is quietly beginning. February marks the start of options for renewable resources, and Culver City is one of twenty-nine cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties that will be receiving less expensive energy from the nonprofit Clean Power Alliance than the for-profit utility, Southern California Edison can offer.

Thanks to a California state law that allows cities the right to choose where to get their electricity, the monopoly once held by So Cal Edison has come to an end.

According to the Los Angeles Times, community choice aggregations (like the Clean Power Alliance) “are an improvement on investor-owned utilities… giving communities the ability to set their own rates, buy as much clean energy as they want and find creative ways to encourage clean energy technologies including rooftop solar, electric cars and microgrids.”

Approximately 930,000 customers living in Santa Monica, Culver City, West Hollywood and six other cities will have 100% clean, renewable energy flowing from their electrical outlets.

Although the 100% clean energy option will cost 9% more than what SCE was charging, customers can opt down to lower rates at any time.

For information on your electrical sources, call  888-585-3788. Your SCEdison Account number will be needed to move your account.

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  1. 9% more huh? Try 50% more! When this happened last Summer, I jumped from $75/month for 491 kWh (.153 rate) to $170/month for 650 kwh (.262 rate) If I go to the last page it’s right there “Sub-Total of CPA Generation Charges” $64.25

    This is a total scam and shame on Culver City for just quietly enrolling us all in this at the 100% renewable rate. They had no right to do that without asking, or at least informing, people!

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