Democratic Delegates Elected for 54th Assembly District

The election of Democratic delegates for the 54th Assembly District took place on Sunday, Jan. 27th at the Culver City Middle School. What was once a small and quiet party function has, over the last three years, changed into a major power push for factions and candidates within the party. Hundreds of people turned up to cast ballots, and the major slates put together by Democratic clubs from all over the 54th saw competition on the ground from write-in candidates lobbying for votes. Assembly Representative Sydney Kamlager was present (pictured above,) as was State Senator Holly J. Mitchell.

While the lines were long, they moved quickly, and the voting closed at 4;45 pm.

The election of 14 delegated is divided into seven men and seven women, with one delegate for Executive Board. Culver City’s Tom Camarella won that honor, and the Executive Board is scheduled to meet in August in San Jose.


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