Aphrodite’s Holiday Show – Onstage at the Actors’ Gang

We have our seasonal traditions in Culver City, and the holiday show at the Actors’ Gang is one of the best. This year, it’s Aphrodite’s Holiday Show, a seriously charming and heartening bit of festive entertainment. With Aphrodite and Dionysus hosting, the Greek chorus plays the stages of the sacred journey; the spiritual side of the holidays. Meanwhile, their crazy-over-Christmas daughter Poinsettia, keeps coming back with one more exciting holiday idea after another. There are some truly delightful variety show hallmarks – a rope act, a juggler, some silkwork a la Cirque du Soliel, and a charming guest appearance by Jesus Christ, offering comfort in the fact that it’s not so bad to be Jewish on Christmas.

As the Gang does so well, there is education. Lessons are offered about the history of winter holidays, a long look at the pagan past, and some well aimed Greek myths hit the target. There is also a beautiful focus on forgiveness, and Aphrodite herself offers some fresh hope for the new year ahead.

Co-written by Lee Margaret Hanson, Adam J. Jeffreis and Rynn Vogel, the 90 minute show goes by surprisingly fast, proof of how engaging and entertaining it is. It covers a lot of ground for such a humble offering, and the talents and skills of the ensemble- James Bane, Quonta Beasley, Julia Camara-Calvo, Ethan Corn, Julia Finch, Zoe Hall, Luis Quintana, Stephanie Lee, and Cady Zuckerman all shine. With Hanson as Aphrodite and Jeffries as Dionysus, the theatrical craft of the Gang is evident.

Perfect for a holiday evening in Culver City, maybe post-tree lighting or pre- Christmas caroling, it’s a warm and funny evening you shouldn’t miss.

As ever, the Actors’ Gang closes out by asking for support for all their year-round good works; the Prison Project, and the many educational offerings that benefit not just CCUSD students, but kids all over the county.

Don’t postpone – Aphrodite’s Holiday Party is only onstage until December 16th!

For tickets and donations, click on the ad on the right side of the page.

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang

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