LAFD Asks for Financial Support, Not Donations of Water or Goods

Can we ask a huge #WoolseyFire favor?

There are rumors that Los Angeles Firefighters are in need of donated food or supplies, such as blankets, wipes, water, energy beverages, snack bars, toothpaste or eyedrops during current wildfires.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We’re honored to be your Fire Department, and plan extensively to support those who proudly protect you, making sure they always have or can easily get all they need to remain battle ready.

You trust the men and women of LAFD to protect you at life’s most difficult times. Please also trust us when we say that should we ever have a functional need, we would never hesitate to ask!

While there has been a longstanding organized campaign to fund special hydration backpacks for LAFD crews via the non-profit Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation – – something our recent budget was unable to support, the physical donation of donated goods, including personal care items, food and water on the fireline, at command posts or neighborhood fire stations is thankfully NOT needed or desired at this time!

We deeply sense your appreciation, and want you to know that nothing could mean more to us than seeing you and your family safely in front of your undamaged home. Your smile, a friendly wave or a simple hand-scrawled “Thank You” sign means more than words could ever describe.

Sadly, we’re not only emotionally overwhelmed with your profound kindness during the Woolsey Fire, but logistically as well. To the point that the well-meaning donation of physical goods to firefighters is at the brink of causing harm.

Your LAFD crews purposely prepare (and pack) for extended wildfire deployment, and to return to their stations to find 600 unsolicited gallons of bottled water (that’s a 5,000 lbs surprise we have to move and cannot safely store on site), or 200 cubic feet of perishable food we can’t refrigerate, is something that touches our heart, but quickly becomes an unmanageable task that takes us away from caring for you – or each other.

So… if you encounter someone telling you to bring badly needed items to a Los Angeles Fire Station, please direct them to this message. We’re touched to the point of tears by your kindness, but truly are not in need of anything more than a wave or a smile. If that should change, we pledge to let you know.

If giving is part of your DNA and truly unavoidable (we do understand), please consider a Random Act of Kindness to a stranger in our honor, or a small donation to *any* well established and highly accountable non-profit that touches your heart.

Among the charities doing great good right now, is the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region. There are additional non-profits that could also channel your support in helping those in crisis.

Since some will ask in the comments, here is a short list of local and well established 501(c)3 charitable organizations related to your local fire service: → the hydration backpack folks


We hope this helps, and again – Thank You!

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