All Local Measures Pass with Wide Margins

When Culver City went to the polls yesterday, we voted to change the city council election cycle, to add a sales tax, and put a parcel tax on our properties to support the school district. No surprises here.

Measure K, the parcel tax, passed overwhelmingly with 74% of the voters agreeing, for a total of 8,731 votes.  The 3,144 voters who were against it were wildly outnumbered.

Measure C, the sales tax, also passed easily, with 70% of the voters, 8266 votes, agreeing.

Measure D, changing the council race to coincide with the November elections rather than stay in April, won by 82% of the vote, with 9,160 in favor.

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  1. Based on the Election Day returns and even though it looks like Measure K passed easily with 73.5% of the vote, Board members should not take its passage as a vote of confidence for their past years of deficit spending. If only eighteen voters in each of the 23 precincts had changed their vote from Yes to No; the measure would not have passed.

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