Dear Editor – Strongly in Favor of Measure K

As a Culver City home owner for 17-years and a parent of three CCUSD students, I am strongly in favor of Measure K.

By voting to spend just $189 per parcel per year, we can collectively raise over $2.3 million in critically needed funds that will enable us to maintain the excellent schools on which Culver City prides itself.

I love being able to send my kids to our city’s public schools and know that they will receive a great education. I love not having to spend tens of thousands of dollars every year in private school tuition. I love that the strength of our school system has contributed to the substantial gain in my property value. I love that our community values education and invests in our students who will become our future leaders and innovators.

I am willing to chip in a small amount annually to supplement the funds that our district receives from the state, which are simply insufficient to provide the high level of educational quality that we want for our students. I am not willing to risk the severe budget cuts and potential increases in class sizes that will occur if Measure K does not pass by the 2/3 majority of the vote it needs.

I know that 100% of the money raised by Measure K will stay in Culver City, and that no portion of it will be directed to administrators’ salaries. In addition, there will be an independent citizen oversight committee to monitor expenditures and ensure that the dollars raised through Measure K are spent wisely.

Measure K what our community needs, and it’s what our students deserve. Please join me and vote YES on Measure K.

Wendy Hamill

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Supporters, including Ms Hamill, have yet to mention why this measure is even on the ballot, in the first place. The primary reason as stated numerous times in district financial reports is to pay for district salary raises and its increasing STRS and PERS pension contributions.
    Current Board members should apologize to this community for putting the funding of our children’s education in jeopardy with their years of mismanagement of districts funds and their deficit spending.
    Or were they so self-assured that they could persuade the community into bailing them out by passing a seven-year, multi-million dollar parcel tax after spending themselves and our schools into a financial corner?
    Their long-term deficit spending spree has increased so much lately (almost 10% of revenues last year) that it has even drawn the scrutiny of the LA Co Office of Education which raises the distinct possibility of having our district put on its fiscal Watch List for the first time in our history.

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