Will a Later Start Make a Better School Day?

Governor Jerry Brown is considering signing a bill that will push back the start time for California schools to 8:30 am, and there is a lot of concern from both the pro and con sides of the argument. Culver City schools are looking at how it will affect us.

According to EdSource, the bill’s passage by the Legislature on Aug. 31 came as a surprise, after it failed in the Assembly last year. But supporters flooded legislators with emails this year, driving home the point that research shows most teens are unable to go to sleep early due to changes in their biological clocks and that sleep deprivation leads to absenteeism, lower grades, higher dropout rates and depression.

Tuesday, September 11, (that’s tonight – ) the Culver City School Board will discuss changing the start of the high school school day from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. or later.  School board member Dr. Steve Levin has advocated that the scientific evidence advises that teens will do better with a bit more sleep.

For a look at the evidence, go to culvercityteensleep.wixsite.com/culversleep 

If you are in favor of later start or against it, tonight is your chance to address the school board and explain your position.

The meeting tonight at 7 pm will be at the CCUSD District Office, Board Room, 4034 Irving Place

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