CCPD Offers Coyote Measures

As many pet owners have unfortunately experienced, there is an active presence of coyotes in the neighborhoods of both Carlson and Veterans Park. These animals are responsible for the killing of cats in these communities mostly during the overnight and pre-dawn hours. Dogs are also a target of the hungry coyotes, as well as squirrels, possums and other feral wildlife.

Reporting coyote sightings and any animal carcass discovery is crucial to learning the behavior, locations and movement patterns of these cunning animals. Reports should include date and time of the incident and any direct witness observations. All coyote activity should be reported to the Culver City Police Department by leaving a message at 310-253-6143 or emailing the information to [email protected].

There are preventative measures that both residents and businesses can do to reduce the presence of coyotes in our communities: Do not feed or leave out food for local wildlife (ie., raccoons, opossum, outdoor cats), keep yard clear of fruit droppings and secure refuse containers. Cats should be kept indoors at all times and dogs should be walked on a leash, not exceeding six feet in length.

Wildlife Watch is a partnership program in which the community and city departments work to establish a comprehensive and integrated management strategy for minimizing human-wildlife conflicts and improving the quality of life in urban settings.

Please contact Lt. Kellum ([email protected]) to join the Wildlife Watch Program.

Photo Credit -Easy Reader/Redondo Beach

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