Multiple Museums Looking to Create a Cultural Corridor – Coming This Fall

Culver City is famous for culture, with all the movies and television created here, and adding in another layer are our amazing museums. Three of those institutions, The Mayme Clayton Library and Museum (MCLM), the Culver City Historical Society, and the Wende Museum, are preparing to unite as the Cultural Corridor, with a proposed launch date of November 9, 2018. This event is looking to feature a walking tour beginning at the MCLM, proceeding on to the CC Historical Society’s Archive and Resource Center, (ARC) located in the Vets Auditorium Complex, and closing with a reception at the Wende Museum.

“We want people to get to know all these hidden treasures we have. Culver City has, not just our own rich history, but some truly wonderful artifacts from other places and other times,” noted Hope Parrish, President of the CC Historical Society. The ARC is home to rotating exhibits on Culver City and the many studios that have thrived here, and the CC Historical Society is constantly updating the collection with donations from residents. The ARC is currently open to the public on the first and third Sundays of the month from 1 to 3 pm, and by appointment.

Lloyd Clayton, the Executive Director of the MCLM, was very pleased to consider the proposed corridor. “There’s so much great stuff, and people just need an invitation to come and connect.” The MCLM is the home of the largest collection of African-American artifacts in the country west of the Mississippi, and among the regular events they host are the monthly “Black Talkies” movie series and the tri-annual Double M Jazz Salon. The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts recently held both music and art events at the venue.

The Wende, home to the biggest collection of East German and Cold War memorabilia outside of Europe recently moved into new quarters on Culver Boulevard, and is doing outreach to connect with community on events and programs. The standing collection includes the guard booth from the infamous ‘Checkpoint Charlie’  at the Berlin Wall, the one spot where people from East and West Berlin could get through, as well as many souvenirs of life behind the ‘Iron Curtain.’

With the support of the Cultural Affairs Foundation, this could become a well traveled corridor for both Culver City residents and visitors from all over the globe.

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo and Video from CC Historical Society


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