Citywide Tree Planting

It’s tree time in Culver City; several times a year, the Public Works Maintenance Operations Division’s Urban Foresters will plant new trees during the optimal planting season. This allows roots to develop and the trees to acclimate. Sometimes new trees are planted after sidewalk repairs or to replace dying or diseased trees.

Maintenance Operations will be planting several trees this week.

• 1 tree on the 4200 block of McConnell Blvd (Pink Trumpet)
• 2 trees on the 3900 block of Glencoe Ave (Brisbane Box)
• 2 trees on the 10700 block of Ranch Road (Camphor Tree)
• 1 tree on the 4100 block of Elenda St (Australian Willow)
• 1 tree on the 4200 block of Lincoln Ave (Camphor Tree)
• 1 tree on the 4200 block of Baldwin Ave (Fern Pine)
• 1 tree on the 4100 block of Duquesne Ave (Jacaranda)
• 1 tree on the 8800 block of Washington Blvd (London Plane Tree)

The Urban Forest Master Plan details a tree palette with recommendations for the species of trees for the different ecological zones in the City. For more information, please visit:

Please call the Maintenance Operations Division if you have further questions (310) 253-6420.

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