Helms Design Center Brings Back ‘Little Bite Gallery’ with Inch by Inch

On Saturday, July 21st from 7 to 10 pm, the second installation from Little Bite Gallery inside the Helms Design Center, will be presenting Inch by Inch, a solo exhibition featuring 70+ works of art by Melissa Falco Williams, as part of the Helms fine art series remnants & artifacts.

Melissa Falco Williams notes “My inspiration comes from life, from every experience I’ve had, from every person I’ve met. Perhaps I’ve always had a desire to discover a greater connection to the world around me and bring beauty and understanding in moments that can sometimes feel scary and harsh—to find the extraordinary in the smallest details and kindness in every expression.

Through art, I have discovered a place of serenity, a place of freedom. Creating art has been a pathway to my heart and also to my community. It has given me the courage to embrace a bigger piece of me, to connect and share with fellow artists and join hands in the spirit of discovery.”

“I first met Melissa three and a half years ago. Her curious, vibrant approach to creativity always enthralled me. Over the years I’ve witnessed the unabashed expression and truth Melissa conveys through her artwork. Her work makes a resounding mark on all who view it, leaving us to bask in the glory of it’s unedited expression. You can feel the catharsis, the freedom and release Melissa feels when she paints. How she makes sense of the world and lovingly adds to it. My hope in presenting her work is to present as many people as possible to this expressive resonance and color, and the power of Melissa’s honest and emotive movement. Inch by Inch challenges the viewer to look closely, to feel deeply, and to express fully. Can you feel the freedom?” -Alyssa, Director of Little Bite Gallery

After the opening night, Inch by Inch will be available to the public on Friday, July 27th and Sunday, July 29th, time TBD. The exhibition is available by appointment only  through August 2nd, by contacting Alyssa at [email protected].

8745 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232 
Featured Art – Inch by Inch – Melissa Falco Williams


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