Actors Gang Offers Summer Theater for Everyone

Nearly 130,000 children in Los Angeles go home to an empty house once school closes during summertime, with no enrichment opportunities. Many parents would love to enroll their children in summer learning programs but simply can’t afford it.

“Inequities in summer learning are a major contributor to the achievement gap between high-and low-income students,” – Afterschool Alliance Executive Director Jodi Grant.

During summertime, here at The Actors’ Gang, we strive to create a safe, nurturing and creative space for children and teenagers. While exploring The Actors’ Gang’s signature technique, our young students are encouraged to express their emotions, develop a high level of focus and a strong connection to each other as an ensemble. Our classes are filled with joy, discovery and self-empowerment.
“The long summer break is a precarious time when many low-income children fall behind academically...” said Ron Fairchild, Chief Executive Officer of the National Summer Learning Association.

At The Actors’ Gang, we have always been committed to providing open access to our programs and our performances regardless of income. We have recently enrolled 6 students on free scholarships and would like to provide more. We are reaching out to you to help us bring fun and discovery to another child’s summer.

Your donation will send children to camp that could not otherwise afford to do so! 

  • $50 – will send one child to a one-week After School Program
  • $90 – will send one child to the Summer Camp/Teen Conservatory for one day
  • $180 – will send one child to Summer Camp/Teen Conservatory for two days
  • $300 – will provide snacks for the Afterschool Program, for one month
  • $450 – will send one child to Summer Camp/Teen Conservatory for one week
  • $500 – will fund a Saturday Class full scholarship for one child
  • $900 – will fund a Summer Camp  or a Teen Conservatory full scholarship for one child

Go to the ad for Actors Gang on the right side of the page to make a donation.

The Actors' Gang

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