Mark Your Ballot – Today’s the Day

As ever, Culver City Crossroads wants to encourage all of our readers to vote. As ever, we know that some of you are done, checked the boxes and mailed it in. If you are still wondering who and what and why, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s the primary, and the top two contenders with be heading to the next election in November for what we like to call the midterms. We are happy to share our voting decisions with you, and if you have not put in the time on the homework, we have.

Often, I try to make this a funny piece, but there’s not much that is amusing about politics these days. Please take it as your civic duty and just go do this.

U.S. Senator – Dianne Feinstein. I’ve had my issues with Feinstein, but she is still the best choice. She knows how to do this.

Governor of California – I’m going with Newsom. Lots of factors involved, I thought about Villaragosa, just for the chess move, but I’m going with Newsom.

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Tony Thurmond. he has experience as a school board member, a city council member and an assemblyman; I’m thinking he knows how to do this. Also, Marshall Tuck has too much money, he has sent me a postcard every day for weeks now. This is a sign of someone who has been bought and paid for. Vote for Thurmond.

Lt. Governor – Eleni Kounalakis. Thought about Ed Hernandez – but, I like Eleni just a bit more.

Secretary of State- Alex Padilla 

Controller – Betty Yee

Treasurer – Fiona Ma 

Atty General – Xavier Beccera

Prop 68 – Yes. This will allow the state to sell bonds to get some very much needed improvements to water systems and parks.

Prop 69 – Yes.  This will keep the gas tax and vehicle registration money to be used only for transportation, as it should be. Although if you are going to put something on the ballot called Prop 69, I do think that it should provide free testing for STDs.

Prop 70 – No. Anything that requires more legislative approval means slower legal process; I think we might all imagine that the wheels turn slowly enough as it is.

Prop 71 – Yes. The results of the election should be certified before ballot proposals take effect. Pretty simple stuff.

Prop 72 – Yes. Free water falls from the sky occasionally, and we should do all we can to take care of it. Interestingly, there is no official argument against Prop 72. So, that’s a yes from about everyone.

County Sheriff – Jim McDonnell. We endorsed him onthe last round, and he has done a solid job of improving county law enforcement.

County Assessor – Jeffrey Prang. Like McDonnell, we picked him in the last election, and have no regrets.

LA County Supervisors – Hilda Solis and Sheila Kuehl.  Like Feinstein, they both have done a solid job and should stay in office.

State Senate – Holly Mitchell. If you have any doubt, please roll through the site, I have about a dozen posts on what Holly is doing in Sacramento, and if you are not already a raving fan, you should be.

Assembly – Sydney Kamlager just won the special election mere months ago,  give her a chance to make some progress.

AND – everyone’s favorite category – The Judges!

Office No. 4: Alfred A. Coletta

Office No. 16: Sydne Jane Michel

Office No. 20: Wendy Segall

Office No. 60: Holly L. Hancock

Office No. 63: Malcolm H. Mackey

Office No. 67: Maria L. Armendariz

Office No. 71: David A. Berger

Office No. 113: Michael P. Ribons

Office No. 118: David D. Diamond

Office No. 126: Rene Caldwell Gilbertson

Office No. 146: Emily T. Spear


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