Smell a Rat? It’s a Scam

Interesting how scams that work elsewhere don’t work in Culver City, not because we don’t have vermin, but because we have neighbors. After having this experience myself, I was intrigued to hear someone talk about it and then saw people commenting online. All these folks saw through the con because of one thing; they know who lives in their neighborhood.

A man knocked on my door and told me that there his company was treating my neighbors for a rat infestation, and they were offering special discount rates for others on the street, because if ‘one house has them , then you all probably have them.”  My radar went off as he reeled through the names of his ‘customers’ who were supposed to be my neighbors, while pointing at their houses – and did not get a single name right.

I don’t have much respect for con artists, but I have not respect at all for sloppy con artist. the rats and black widow spiders that they claim are infesting the neighborhood – I have not seen any at all. My neighbors? I’m on a first name basis with almost all of them, and we do a pretty good job of looking after each other.

Judith Martin-Straw


The Actors' Gang


  1. That same guy came to my door a month or two ago! I am in Veteran’s Park. I was immediately turned off by his scare tactics, and didn’t even think to ask him for names. It sounded to me like he was suggesting that after he treated a neighbor 3 or 4 houses down, all the rats would run down the street into everyone else’s houses, which didn’t make sense to me, either.

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