Dear Editor – Tiggs Campagin Manager Weighs in

I know you are writing from the heart when you are addressing the mayoral rotation issue. But I want you to know how much I personally appreciate your calling this council on their [stuff.]. I’m a big girl and can accept that Tiggs lost the election for a myriad of reasons, not least of which he’s a Rep in the era of Trump. I am, however, proud that we managed to get 103 more votes for Tiggs than Eriksson received to get into office.

But what I’m still angry about is the way Lee and Fisch ran their campaigns. Apparently the old formula of building up a city resume and working your contacts is no longer sufficient. Fine. But the lies told to the voters via negative campaigning, misrepresentation of issues/positions, unethical (if not downright illegal) practices on election day, are particularly galling. Both Tiggs and Vera had dirt they, or their surrogates, could have flung and both decided they wanted to keep their integrity.

I get it that there are new residents to the City and they are entitled to elect representatives that share their values. But to have the decades of hard work performed by their predecessors be dismissed? So disrespectful. These new residents would never have moved here in the early 90s when I arrived, or when you arrived. It’s like these former City leaders worked to make a better future for their children and those children then stabbed them in the back. This is a bitterly divided City now. And the battle to keep CC the town we have loved vs. the progressive vision of change has just begun. It’s sad.

Emelie Gerard

The Actors' Gang

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