Dear Editor – Data Needed for California Senate Bill

Dear Culver City Community:

CA Senator Wieckowski Wants ALL Condo Owners to email their Condo Problems to [email protected] to persuade the CA Senate Judiciary Committee to pass Senate Bill 1265 on May 8.

I am a 69 year old, retired school teacher, African American who visits Culver City 2-3 per week (Agape International Spiritual Center, Tim Robbins’ Actors Gang, Antioch University, Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Culver City Senior Center. Whenever I am in Culver City, friends who OWN condos, share about their problems.

Unable to purchase a condo in Culver City, I purchased a condo in San Pedro. Our HOA Board does not obtain bids before awarding million dollar contracts to HOA Board President’s relative by marriage.

CA Senator Wieckowski’s staff, Heather and Marjorie Murray, CEO and President of the Center for California Homeowner Association Law have been the ONLY FREE source to assist me with my Condo Problems.


Linda Hobbs

The Actors' Gang

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