Dear Editor – Voting for Lee and Fisch

Why we are voting for Daniel Lee and Alex Fisch for Culver City City Council.

We live in extraordinary times, where we believe an increasingly unstable, erratic federal administration is undermining our democracy and rolling back decades of protective measures for the people and our land. Every day is another level of uncertainty. We think now is a time to remember the adage: Think Globally, Act Locally. To us, Daniel Lee and Alex Fisch embody that idea.

After the 2016 election, a small group of Culver City parents and residents decided to take active measure to protect our immigrant community from an upcoming hostile administration. We believed Donald Trump when he said he would go after our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. We wanted to do what we could to protect our community. Organically out of this came the Culver City Action Network and right there with us were Alex Fisch and Daniel Lee. During the sanctuary campaign, Daniel and Alex spoke for sanctuary in Culver City alongside with us when the resolution passed last year. We didn’t have to ask them for support, they just showed up when we needed them the most. Furthermore, they have signed onto the latest recommendations from CCAN to improve our city’s sanctuary resolution.

Every day, we read about another rollback on environmental protections or corruption within the current EPA. Make no mistake, this current federal administration supports extracting every last bit of fossil fuels from our lands despite the consequences. The Inglewood Oil fields are the largest urban field in the United States and it sits in our backyard. We know Alex and Daniel will go head to head with the current operators because they have been already doing it. They have already been either active professionally or through community organizing to oppose the energy interests who would otherwise rollover communities. We know Alex Fisch and Daniel Lee won’t let that happen here. Now is the time to stand firm against a dangerous, dirty oil field operation that provides no benefit to our community.

Two years ago, we almost had to move out of Culver City. We are renters and we had to move because the owners were looking to sell. We only had a handful of decent places to choose from, all of which were at least $700 more than what we were currently spending. Point being, we had to stretch things out to move into a much smaller apartment. Not everyone has that luxury and we are losing families every day because rents are increasing astronomically. This has to stop. We don’t know all the answers but we know Daniel and Alex will make affordable housing a priority. Daniel Lee is also a renter and understands the perspective of the 45% of us who rent in Culver City. It’s an uncertain future for renters and we have heard Alex and Daniel speak about inclusionary zoning, a renter bill of rights, and the need for more affordable and workforce housing. We think they have the leadership on this and other issues but most importantly, they have creativity.

We are creatives ourselves and we see the same characteristics in Daniel and Alex. Like us, they face challenges head-on and find creative solutions to problems. The challenges facing us in Culver City over the next decade will truly determine what our city will become in the next 100 years. We have personally witnessed how Alex and Daniel engage and listen with people at meetings, community events, and functions. They have great ideas, too many to list here, and we think given the opportunity, Daniel Lee and Alex Fisch, will serve Culver City well and provide a bold, fresh, sustainable vision for our community. We are voting for them and we hope you do too.

If you would like to meet Daniel Lee and Alex Fisch, please join us this Sunday, April 8th from 5:30-7pm in Fox Hills Park, Green Valley Circle and Buckingham Parkway. Bring the kids, free pizza, and drinks. Come see for yourself, meet Alex and Daniel, and VOTE April 10th.


Scott and Joy Kecken

The Actors' Gang

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