Cannabis Tax on April 10 Ballot

Overview of a marijuana plant.

In the upcoming 2018 General Election, Culver City residents will be able to vote on Ballot Measure A, a Cannabis Business Tax. If approved, Measure A will impose a tax on adult-use (recreational) and medicinal cannabis businesses operating in Culver City. If Measure A is not approved, cannabis businesses will continue to be allowed to operate in Culver City, but without a cannabis business tax.

All funds from this tax would be added to the City’s General Fund and used only for general municipal purposes, including: fire, paramedic, and police protection; road repairs; youth programs; and parks and recreation.

A “Yes” vote on Measure A would adopt the Cannabis Business Tax ordinance. A “No” vote on Measure A would not adopt the Cannabis Business Tax, and cannabis businesses would still be allowed to operate in Culver City.

Read to learn more about Measure A.

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