Weekend Food Drive for CCUSD ‘Backpacks’ Program Raises More that $9,000

If you were one of the shoppers at Pavilions this weekend who contributed to the Backpacks for Kids Food Drive, you are helping families in our school district get through tough times.  The weekend food drive for the Backpacks for Kids program brought in around $9,300 in food, gift cards, and cash donations.

Jamie Wallace, the program’s leader, noted that “If we had to buy all of the food and backpacks each year we’d have to spend around $46,000. A drive like this really helps meet our budget.”

The bi-annual food drives at Studio Village Pavilions funds a large slice of the yearly budget.  “We receive no money from the state, feds or district. We are completely dependent on grants and donations. We have been able to make our budget every year since December 2013 when we started with 50 backpacks. We are now feeding around 150 students and families every week.”

If you missed the food drive or just want to help out, donations can go to www.ccbackpacksforkids.com/

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  1. Thanks for posting this. If you wish to donate food, please understand that we have a specific menu of items that are based on the Los Angeles Food Bank program. You can find our menu on our website: http://www.CCBackpacksforKids.com If

    All items must be shelf stable and not have expiration under 2 months. We cannot accept any items in glass. Most of our backpacks go to elementary schools.

    If you wish to donate funds, please go to our website. Money goes the furthest because we can purchase exactly what we need when we need it. The money is collected by the Culver City Council of PTAs.

    Another very valuable and related cause is the Culver Closet which is a collection of clothing, shoes, small appliances, toiletries etc. and is maintained by Adrienne Madrid and Marion Serra at the High School.

    They are currently seeking hair and makeup artists and donations for Project Prom. They especially need people willing to sponsor students for prom tickets, and also for purchasing caps and gowns for graduation. Please check out: http://www.CulverCloset.com or contact [email protected]

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