Fox Hills Plaza Development Suspended – Council Members Weigh In

As a result of discussions between Council members Goran Eriksson and Jim Clarke with real estate developers HSH Management, the developer has decided to suspend activity on the Fox Hills Plaza Project. From these discussions, the developer has notified the City of its intention to forego presenting a community benefits proposal to the City Council on March 26th. The result of this decision means that the project will not be presented to the City Planning Commission in April as originally intended. It also means that any decision regarding a community benefits proposal or the project itself will be left up to the new Council to decide.

In a joint statement, Council members Eriksson and Clarke felt that more time was needed by all parties – the Fox Hills community, the City staff and the developer – to ascertain what type of project best fits the needs of the surrounding residents and the City as a whole. “It is our hope that all sides will utilize the time wisely to redesign a project that can be seen as an example of smart and practical development that adds value to Culver City’s brand. We also recognize that postponing the project for now will not maintain the status quo as the Marshall’s store has already given notice that it will close in a year. It is incumbent upon everyone to ensure this valuable piece of property at the gateway to Culver City does not become decrepit and underutilized.”

For more information, please contact Göran Eriksson at (310) 559-6015 or Jim Clarke at (310) 775-1664

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  1. This is such great news for our community! We are already living in a beehive on the Westside, and I’m glad more thought is being given to this project and its impact upon our neighborhood!

  2. For now, this is a big relief! I sincerely think that the persons that have the power to keep our neighborhood the way it is, with no big impacting changes, do something for the benefit of all the residents and not to please big building corporations!

  3. “…It is incumbent upon everyone to ensure this valuable piece of property at the gateway to Culver City does not become decrepit and underutilized.”

    It’s funny, but if that property just became a parking lot, it would actually add value to the neighborhood by providing more needed parking. Any project that adds residents to the neighborhood needs to provide parking per unit at a rate consistent with the area. Keep in mind that there are no open parking spaces on the street at night, so there is already not enough parking for the residential areas density.

  4. It would be nice to have an “outdoor” village with boutique shops and restaurants for us to enjoy… similar to DT Culver or like Abbott Kinney.

  5. I am very pleased that this is being put on hold, with the encouragement to re-think this whole project. Our Fox Hills community needs our little Fox Hills Plaza, with the CVS Pharmacy, restaurants and some shops. We do not need to add more housing! Especially when right across the 405 are three new very large apartment buildings.

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