Mayunmi Set to Open for “Flexible Stay”

HQ Development has completed construction at the Mayumi, a 35-unit “flexible stay residence” which will cater to long-term visitors looking for month-to-month accommodations.

According to Steven Sharp at Urbanize.LA, the project, which is scheduled to open next month, is built into the shell of a former motel.

Each of the 35 private rooms – designed by architecture firm Shubin + Donaldson – offers access to common amenities, including a full kitchen, a landscaped courtyard, and on-site housekeeping service. A one-month stay is priced starting at $100 per day.

The discussions of affordable housing at both the Culver City City Council meeting of March 12, and the CulverCity School Board meeting of March 13 touched on the idea of ‘micro housing,’ and the city council cited the 200 square feet size of the Mayumi units was noted as a possible model for the city to sue for future housing.

Located on Sawtelle, the building is a very urban housing concept placed in a very suburban neighborhood.

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  1. There is no parking at this development. Are they assuming that no one will have a vehicle? Of course, the soon-to-be-closed Toys-R-Us is across the street, so perhaps there will soon be plenty of parking there.

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