Council Votes for 100% Renewable Energy

The City Council took on clean energy on Monday, Feb, 26, and went for the full option; 100% of our energy will come from renewable sources by early 2019.

This step into the future began when the City joined the Clean Power Alliance – a group of cities & counties who want cleaner energy at a lower cost. CPA is public partnership – rather than a private company, such as Edison-  giving CulverCity residents and businesses  we get a choice for  energy purchases. Previous to joining CPA,  the only option was SoCal Edison. While SCE will continue to invoice and provide the transmission lines,  the only thing that will changes is the source of energy, all of which come from renewables.

The motion was split, so that the City could choose to opt for 100% renewable, passing with four ayes and and a no from Council member Goran Eriksson. The second part of the motion, to give the residents the same option, passed with three ayes, Cooper, Sahli-Wells and Small voting yes.

According to the City’s website, the CPA will start offering electric service to commercial and industrial customers in Culver City starting in June 2018, and residential service will commence in January 2019.  60 days before each phase, customers will receive two Notice Letters asking them if they want to remain with SCE or if they want to select one of the “tiers” available from the CPA.  SCE customers who do not respond to the letters will automatically be enrolled as customers of the CPA at a tier level that has been predetermined by the City Council.  Regardless of whether a customer switches from SCE to the CPA or which tier the CPA customer selects, SCE will continue to meter customers’ use of electricity, generate and mail invoices, and maintain the transmission & distribution infrastructure needed to provide electricity to CPA customers.


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