Dorsey Wins Senshu Marathon – Culver City Marathoner Finishes with a Seven Minute Lead

Culver City resident Jessica Dorsey won the open Women’s Division at the 25th annual Senshu Marathon in Osaka, Japan on February 18, 2018. Ms. Dorsey, as part of the Culver City Sister City Marathon Exchange with Kaizuka, Japan, ran an outstanding race. She completed the 26.2 mile course in 3:06.19 hours, seven minutes ahead of the nearest female competitor. Ms. Dorsey, a mother of two children, recently broke the three-hour marathon barrier in December at the California International Marathon in Sacramento. “I had a tough day out there and was in more pain than usual, much earlier in the race. The incredible support of our hosts, the Mayor and City Council, as well the residents lining the streets along the course with signs, noisemakers, and chants of “ganbatte!” made the discomfort bearable, and motivated me to not give up. I 100% owe the win to my new forever friends in Kaizuka.” said Jessica.

The Culver City-Kaizuka Marathon Exchange each year sends two Culver City runners to Kaizuka City to participate in the KIX Senshu Marathon. Kaizuka City reciprocates by sending two runners to the Los Angeles Marathon. Ms. Dorsey is the first exchange participant to win the race. Last year, Kaizuka runner Shogo Uraguchi placed 61st (out of over 30,000 runners) at the LA Marathon.

Ms. Dorsey was joined in Kaizuka by Iyob Tessema. Mr. Tessema has completed over 65 marathons, and enjoyed the hospitality and sights of the race, but had medical issues at mile 18. Both runners enjoyed meeting Kaizuka City Mayor Fujihara and the City Council. They spent two days before the marathon visiting historical temples and shrines in and around Kaizuka City. Ms. Dorsey and Mr. Tessema also toured Kyoto with the Kaizuka International Friendship Association (KAIFA). “Japan is a beautiful country with many historical sites that are very well maintained. During our tour I observed how meticulously hard working the people, and was especially impressed how their senior citizens take pride in keeping their streets & recreational parks very clean,” said Mr. Tessema.

The Culver City Sister Committee is holding a “Meet-and-Greet” potluck dinner for our marathon participants and the Kaizuka runners on Sunday, March 18th, 2018 at the Winslow’s home at 11074 Rhoda Way, at 6 pm. Additionally you can meet the runners on Tuesday, March 20th from 6:30-9:00 pm at Menchies Yogurt on Sawtelle Ave. This will also be a fundraiser for the Culver City Sister Committee.

If you are interested in participating the marathon exchange next year and can complete a full marathon in under 4 hours and 10 seconds, please contact the Culver City Sister Committee at [email protected].

Nancy Joujon-Roche


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