Culver City Symphony to Offer “Americans, And Music From (the Time of ) Hamilton – June 10

ft1h4nb0g0_00001The orchestra has a special relationship with composer William Grant Still: May 11, 1895-Dec. 3, 1978. Still was born in Mississippi, and learned to play the violin, piano, oboe and cello. He studied at the renowned Oberlin School of Music, and received lessons from eminent avant garde composer Edgar Varèse. Varèse respected Still’s talents and gave Still the sage advice to write music in his own voice, and not copy music of Varèse.

Still worked in Jazz and Swing Bands, on Broadway, was hired by George Gershwin to do orchestration work, and was a pioneer to fuse his thorough background in Classical Music with the Blues, Jazz and music native to the Americas.

Still moved to Los Angeles in 1934, and remained here for the rest of his life. He was befriended by the orchestra founder, the composer, violinist and conductor George Berres. The orchestra was the Westchester Symphony Orchestra, and is now the Culver City Symphony Orchestra.

Both Berres and Still worked in the movie and television industries, with Still scoring a number of television shows such as “Gunsmoke,” and “Perry Mason.”

The orchestra has performed Still’s “Afro-American Symphony” numerous times, and Still composed a work, “Preludes for String Orchestra, Flute and Piano,” dedicated to the orchestra.

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Americans, And Music From (The Time Of) Hamilton

This Concert is Dedicated to the Memory of Susan Fetta, Wife of Frank Fetta
Frank Fetta-Music Director and Conductor

Leah Hansen, Cello

Saturday, June 10, 2017, 7:30PM

Kirk DouglasTheatre

9820 Washington Boulevard

Purchase Tickets.
General Admission $25

Ages 6-17 $15

Available at the box office starting at 6:30PM on June 10, 2017, or now on our website up to June 10, 2017, 5:00PM:

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