Centennial Time Capsule – Ideas Wanted

59b7a07446aeb3c81077fe48c71a1719_mental-time-capsule-time-capsule-clip-art_500-332To celebrate Culver City’s 100th birthday, we are putting together a Centennial Time Capsule! On completion, the Time Capsule will create a snapshot of who we are and what we value in Culver City in 2017 so future generations may look back and learn about us as they then move forward into the future.

As part of the Centennial Committee, a Time Capsule sub-committee was created, chaired by Marcus G. Tiggs. While the sub-committee continues to work out logistic details for the Time Capsule, we look to you, the citizens of Culver City, for ideas of what to include in the Time Capsule!

Think big! Think small! Think outside the box! No idea is too silly or crazy. The important thing is that the Time Capsule is representative of all and of what’s great about Culver City and its residents!

So take a moment. Put on your thinking caps and share your ideas with the Time Capsule sub-committee of what you think would be a great contribution to be included. Submit your ideas to [email protected] and please include your name and contact information with your submissions!

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