CCUSD Updates Building Projects & Bond Expenditures Scheduled for Summer Throughout the District

culver-city-high-schoolWith funding from the school bond, Culver City Unified School District has a long list of improvements, upgrades and remodels in the pipeline. Many construction projects are slated for this summer, and activity will touch every school. Being aware of the district plans can help you to make your own, and knowing what is being added and improved on the timeline can get the city and schools to September without stress.

As you may recall, CCUSD accelerated its Bond payout earlier this year (saving taxpayers over $24 million ), and is working with $53 million of bond proceeds to build infrastructure that students and staff need to sustain ‘our collective excellence and foster the innovation and creativity our district has come to be known for, ” according to Superintendent Dr. Josh Arnold.

DISTRICTWIDE PROJECTS: Robert Frost Auditorium is being completely remodeled, and will open in 2018 as the premiere high school facility on the entire westside of Los Angeles. In addition, the entire Culver City Unified School District is being outfitted with air conditioning over the next two years (three Summers), and a new TK classroom is being added to the district to be housed at El Rincon Elementary School. Also, CCUSD is participating in California’s Prop 39 Clean Energy Jobs Act — as such, all lighting, fixtures, thermometers, and controls throughout the district will be upgraded to be energy efficient and expand clean energy generation in our schools. On the safety front, brand new Public Address Systems are being installed at all school sites, and Raptor Visitor Management Software will be a part of all School Office check-in procedures. Finally, an 8-classroom shared Science Building is coming to the CCHS/CCMS campuses in 2018; and until then, here’s what’s happening in the months ahead for every school……

CULVER CITY HIGH SCHOOL: New bleachers and site work are coming to the Lacrosse and Baseball Fields, in addition to new lights for the Lacrosse Field that will be prepped this Summer and installed in December over Winter Break. Improvements to the Softball Field are on their way, along with the Tennis Courts being resurfaced. Room 107 will be converted into a brand new Dance Studio, and Ceramics will be moving into a custom-designed workshop with two new kilns. Lastly, Sports Therapy will be getting two brand new classrooms as well as new equipment, and Engineering/Robotics will be moving into a space designed specifically for them.

CULVER CITY MIDDLE SCHOOL: Panthers will be able to cheer on their team in more comfort as we install new Bleachers for the Basketball Gym. In addition, a new Digital Marquee will be installed to keep students and families up-to-date on all the latest news at school. New/replaced Hydration Stations are also on their way, and energy efficiency improvements are taking place all throughout the school courtesy of Measure CC!
CULVER PARK HIGH SCHOOL / iAcademy / CULVER PARK ADULT SCHOOL: A classroom conversion is taking place to free up space between these campuses and better meet the needs of students in Adult Transition.

OFFICE OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT: New Sand and Woodchips on the play yard are coming your way, along with a brand new Kitchen Facility to better serve students throughout the day.
EL MARINO LANGUAGE SCHOOL: This is an exciting time for students as they will come back to a freshly painted exterior of the campus, as well as some final playground improvements. Most importantly, the installation of Air Conditioning throughout the campus will be taking place to further enhance the clean air effectiveness of the recently installed air filtration units. Not to be forgotten, a brand new Digital Marquee is coming to help keep students and families up-to-date on all school goings-on.

EL RINCON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Phase 1 of the school’s Air Conditioning project for the two-story classroom building will be underway, and a brand new Makerspace Classroom will be added to campus to aid in innovative learning experiences for all Rockets. In addition, we will be improving drainage issues across the school site and continue playground improvements in preparation of Fall ’17.

FARRAGUT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: We will be building a new Makerspace Classroom to be shared between OCD and Farragut students that will aid in project-based learning experiences, and some painting improvements will be made, along with final playground enhancements as well. Not to be forgotten, a brand new Digital Marquee is coming to further keep students and families in the loop on all school-related business.

LA BALLONA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Air Conditioning will be complete at La Ballona when we install new units in the final two-story building on campus. In addition, a new Digital Marquee is coming your way to light up school information for all Lions.

LINWOOD E. HOWE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Air Conditioning will be complete at Lin Howe when we install new units in the final areas on campus. In addition, a Phase Change Materials pilot meant to insulate classrooms and keep them cooler will also get underway. A brand new Digital Marquee is coming to light up school information for all Vikings, and a portion of the dirt running track will be replaced by more student-friendly asphalt.


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