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606ec8d4b4363b2298b35f1d88d10e2f231d4d78UC and Cal State Applications: SUBMIT THEM ASAP!

Students: 206,000 students applied to the UC system last year. Approximately 40,000 applied for transfers. 790,000 applied to the Cal States. That is almost a million applications flooding in, many just before the November 30 midnight deadline.

Don’t wait for Thanksgiving Weekend or 11:58 pm on November 30th. The odds are very good that the servers will be slow or even crash. It has happened before, and because the number of applications keeps surging upward, it will happen again. You do not want to lose out on your applications chances.

Important Tips:
WRITE YOUR UC PERSONAL INSIGHT ANSWERS AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IN A WORD PROGRAM, then upload them to the application. If the application times out before you are finished, you will lose all of your work!
SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. Save each page after you finish putting in information.

For UC personal insight writing tips:

HAVE A COMPLETE COPY OF YOUR TRANSCRIPT You will be filling out every single class, both semesters, and any summer work on your transcripts for all of the a-g courses. Got a D+ in the second semester of Algebra? List it, then list your summer remediation class separately with that bright shiny B or A.
USE THE APPLICATION’s GPA FORMULA for calculating your GPA. You will only get a “credit bump” for 8 semesters of honors or AP classes so your CSU or UC GPA may be different that CCHS. This means in the honors entry your maximum number is 8 regardless of how many honors and AP courses you actually took.
REMEMBER YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD Write it with indelible ink on your arm if necessary. You won’t be able to get another one with your email or social security number.
FOR CSU completely finish one application before starting the others. If you do, CSU Mentor will fill in all of the transferable information so you don’t have to!
LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION are not required for either system. Some students applying to UC Berkeley may be invited in December to submit letter of recommendation which are due midnight Jan. 15, 2017.
For schools requiring declaration of a major, if the major is impacted they will be looking for students with higher academic and standardized testing scores.

Application fees: UC $70/campus. CSU: $55/campus. Fee waivers for 4 campuses each are available for both depending on family size and household income.
PROOFREAD your application at least twice. Ask someone to help read it over.
IF you can’t get it done or are missing information that you have to get from the guidance office, get it, finish your application and if the servers are slow on Monday, Nov. 30th, keep calm and keep submitting until it goes through.
When you are sure that you have completed everything on the applications, you have uploaded or copy and pasted your essays, you have made sure your Social Security number and California student id are correct, THEN HIT SUBMIT AND relax. Eat lots of good food, talk to friends and family, play with the dog, stroke the cat, stare at nothing for a while.
Jamie Wallace
Get Smart for College
Independent Educational Consultant

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