Garcetti Canvasses Culver City for Measure M

unnamedIn a last minute campaign stop yesterday, Nov. 7 2016, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spent some time at the Lion Fountain with some locals and officials, pitching the public transportation funding Measure M. On today’s ballot, residents of Los Angeles County will vote on adding another half a cent to the sales tax to be spent on public transportation, as well as erasing the sunset clause from a previous half cent sale tax. So, if Measure M gets the thumbs up, two cents out of every dollar in sales taxes will go towards more bike lanes, less smog, more trains and many more infrastructure projects.

The Bicyclist-in-Residence on the Culver City Council was enthused. Council member Megan Sahli-Wells offered, “This is how I get around, and I think that we will see big benefits when more people leave the cars in the driveway, and seek other options. What we are seeing in other cities revitalizing their cores and their old downtowns is just this exact push towards funding public transportation. We need to pass this.”


Judith Martin-Straw

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