Dear Editor – Mayor Clarke Asks for a Yes Vote

Light-bulb-0003-300x198The most important issues on the November 8th ballot may be the items at the end of the ballot pertaining to Culver City. So when marking your ballot, you may want to start at the bottom.

Please vote YES on Measures CW, CA, CB and CD and feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors.

Measure CW – a parcel tax to fund required mitigation measures resulting from stormwater/urban runoff of contaminents. 100% of this tax will be spent on Culver City projects and funding will leverage local match for state and federal grants. Our good faith effort to clean up the environment will shield us from excessive fines or lawsuits.

Measure CA – changes the appointing authority of the Police and Fire Chief from the part-time City Council to the full-time professional City Manager. This completes the transition to a Council-Manager form of government that voters approved in 2006. Allows the Council to focus on policy development while still retaining ultimate authority over all city departments and allows the City Manager to oversee and supervise day-to-day activities of the police and fire departments.

Measure CB – closes a loophole in our election procedures by treating a Council member who resigns in office and wishes to run for re-election the same as a Council member who completes two terms and wishes to run for re-election. Both are required to sit out one (two-year) election cycle.

Measure CD – provides the flexibility to the Council to establish the number of Council meetings to be held each month. Currently, we are scheduled to hold a Council meeting on December 26th and during even years, the night before the Council election.

All of these items were recommended by a Council subcommittee and placed on the ballot by a majority of the City Council.

Jim B. Clarke
City of Culver City

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