Dear Editor – Yes on Measure CA

Light-bulb-0003-300x198I am in support of a YES vote on Measure CA, and this is why.

As I recall, back in 2006, when the Charter was being updated, there was a split in the City Council on this issue. At that time, Gary Silbiger, who was a council member at that time, was adamant that change of appointing authority and reporting responsibilities of the Fire Chief and Police Chief from the City Council to the City Manager be implemented in the new Charter, so that politics, and the potential undue influence of politics, did not affect the day to day actions of our Police and Fire Chiefs.

Today, Silbiger leads the charge to retain the appointing authority and reporting responsibilities under the authority of the City Council. Why the flip flop? Why the lock step campaign to not make this logical change, a change he wanted, and fought for, 10 years ago? Is it because he believes he is in grasping range of electing city council members that he can influence and therefore be able to control the Police and Fire Chiefs and departments?

Elected council members come and go. It seems to me that politicians can, and do, have an unduly and daily influence on our Police and Fire Chiefs, which is bad for our Police and Fire Departments and bad for the health and welfare of Culver City. We don’t need our Chiefs being hired and fired at the whims of politicians, or on 4 year cycles, based on who is currently elected.

So I am voting Yes on CA, and I hope you are too.

Laura Stuart

The Actors' Gang

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