Take on the Props – Proposition 63 Gun and Ammo Regulation

141834-fullCalifornia already has the strictest gun laws in the United States. This one makes them a smidgen stricter.

Currently, if you want to buy ammunition, the seller must pass your name through a Department of Justice background check. Prop 63 adds to that: The requirement to purchase a 4-year permit for $50.

Currently, to sell ammunition you must get a 1-year license. Prop 63 actually makes it a misdemeanor if you do not have a license (there’s no punishment already?)

Beginning in July 2019, any online purchases are required to be delivered to a licensed gun dealer for pickup. Prop 63 moves that date up to January 2018.

Currently, if a gun is stolen and worth less than $950, the theft is charged as a misdemeanor. If Prop 63 passes, if a gun is stolen and worth less than $950, it would now be a felony.

Currently, it’s illegal to purchase large-capacity magazines (more than 10 rounds) since the year 2000, but if you owned some, you could keep it. If Prop 63 passes, and you happen to still own large-capacity magazines from pre-2000, you would now have to dispose of them.

Finally, according the the San Francisco Chronicle, “another key provision of Prop. 63 would create a system for more readily confiscating guns from felons who are proscribed from possessing them after their conviction. The “honor system” has not been working. State Attorney General Kamala Harris has been making a concerted effort to seize guns from those on the prohibited list, but it’s a big job — and a dangerous job — for her Department of Justice. In 2014, state records showed that 17,000 people on that list still had more than 34,000 firearms, including 1,400 assault weapons.”

A YES on Prop 63 enacts stricter regulation of gun and ammunition sales, moves up dates on recently passed regulations, and creates a system for confiscating guns from felons.

A NO on Prop 63 changes nothing.

Find out more detailed information at the state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office website: www.lao.ca.gov/BallotAnalysis/Proposition?number=63&year=2016

Dan O’Brien

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