Traffic Signals, Seven New Left Turns and Construction Through the End of the Year

leftturnIf you have been wishing for a left turn signal, this may be your wish being granted. If these are intersections you travel on a regular basis, alternate routes may be in order. A construction contract has been awarded to Elecnor Belco Electric, Inc. for a Public Works improvement project, and the work is scheduled to begin in September 2016 and be completed by early 2017. Culver City was awarded a grant in the amount of $944,889 for construction to improve safety at seven intersections by installing left-turn arrows. The seven intersections and the direction(s) of travel to receive the left-turn arrows are:

Centinela Ave./Washington Bl. (NB/SB)

Centinela Ave./Washington Pl. (NB/SB);

Duquesne Ave./Jefferson Bl. (SB)

Jefferson Bl./Jordan Way-Summertime Ln. (SB)

Jefferson Bl./Machado Rd. (EB/WB);

Sepulveda Bl./Washington Bl. (NB/WB);

Sepulveda Bl/Washington Pl. (SB/EB)

Typical construction hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. During construction hours, you may experience temporary loss of driveway access to your property, construction noise, dust, etc., even though every effort will be made by the City and the Contractor to minimize these inconveniences. Your patience and cooperation in observing all traffic controls and parking restrictions will be sincerely appreciated and will help in expediting construction of the project.

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