Satie Gossett, Culver City Film Maker Offers “Forgiveness”

dZatbp8nWhile our daily news reports are filled with stories about the American racial divide, writer and director Satie Gossett has taken on a story that will make you consider the depth of the difficulties, and the options we have to open a better future.

“FORGIVENESS.” A dramatic story (film short) about the President of the United States of America apologizing for America’s role in slavery. The story of a young African American boy who enters a national essay contest issued by the President of the United States. President McGovern needs inspiration from the youth about how to fix America. Oliver Burroughs, learning about slavery in his class declares that the President needs to apologize so he submits his solution and enters his essay in the contest.

Culver City resident Satie is best known for his comedic short film, “Jewtholic,” a religious comedy narrated by Louis Gossett, Jr and featuring Deep Roy. Satie’s first short film, “Pillow Talk,” was an experimental piece examining the common denominators in grief. He also produced and directed “Departure,” a short film, which was featured at the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco. Complimented by the official Tom Cruise blog, the film included footage, shot exclusively with an iPhone 4s, from three different directors in the United States, France, and Belarus and included original music by Public Enemy Founder Hank Shocklee.

Satie’s producer credits include: “Cursed,” a web-series, which aired last year on KDOC, Los Angeles; and “An Unfinished DREAM.” Satie has written and directed six short films, all of which have been screened at various film festivals and gained distribution worldwide. Throughout the years, Satie has lent his talents to multiple studios, such as, 20th Century Fox Digital, CBS Entertainment, and Logo Entertainment.

FORGIVENESS opens for Limited Screening  at Landmark Theatres (@Pico & Westwood Blvd.) Wed. Sept 7th thru Tues. Sept. 13th, 2016.  Screens are at 11:30 am, for more information, go to


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