Proclamations, Presentations, Move to the PreShow

urlSometimes, a little housework can make life easier. The City Council made a decision at the Monday August 22nd meeting to move things along a bit faster in the future by offering proclamations and presentations ahead of the meeting, and not as the first part as they have been until now.

Mayor Jim Clarke said “It just makes more sense to have the ‘congratulations and proclamations’ happen before we get down to council business. There are often people waiting to make a comment on items – on the agenda or not- and keeping them waiting tends to create an atmosphere of frustration. They’ve taken the time out of their lives to come down for an issue that’s important to them, and taking up the first half an hour or hour of the meeting with presentations can leave people feeling that their issue isn’t getting the attention it should.”

By shifting the presentations to begin before the formal meeting,  the council will begin a practice of proclamations and photo opportunities at 6:30 pm, leaving the 7 pm start time for procedural council matters.

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