New Date for Council on BSPS – Aug. 22

250px-Ccbus_yardThe City Council has approved the implementation of a Bus Signal Priority System (BSP) that will improve the efficiency of bus service by providing traffic signal priority to buses at signalized intersections along their routes in Culver City; by extending the green time a few seconds, a Culver City bus running late may catch up to the schedule. As part of the BSP Project, 35 existing nearside bus stops are recommended to be relocated to the farside of the intersection. This relocation is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of the BSP System. The relocation away from nearside will provide the opportunity to regain some parking spaces, in most instances, in the nearside, and will also cause the loss of some parking spaces in the new farside.

The updated date for the summary of all input received to be communicated to the City Council is August 22, 2016.


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