Centennial Committee Tops Up with Two

CC_Hollywood-page-3With four months left to the Opening Ceremonies, the Culver City Centennial Celebrations Committee (CCCCC) was left two members short after two were elected to city council last month.That was remedied this week when the board elected Marcus Tiggs and Andy Weismann to replace Jim Clarke and Goran Ericksson. The former ran for council this year and the latter is a former mayor.

The vice chair vacancy caused when Clarke resigned to become mayor was also to be filled, but that was tabled until next month. According to former vice president and now President Paul Jacobs, “We were missing too many directors to elect a vice president.” Both candidates were recommended by the Executive Committee proposed by Clarke before he left.
It is currently made up of Jacobs, Secretary-Treasurer Darrel Menthe and CCCCC Director Terry Robins. “It’s unusual to appoint a non-officer and have four on a committee,” Jacobs said, “but Terry contributes across the board in terms of our activities and I felt he would be a valued member.”
Menthe reported the committee has $147,500 in cash after raising $200,000 in donation pledges. He urged committee heads to give him their budget estimates so he can present the budget in June.
Other pending business taken care of was the Culver City 5k Rainbow Run, proposed by member Mike Cohen last month and tabled to the May meeting. In a Power Point presentation, Cohen showed the route, which was to begin at the Sony rainbow, wind through downtown past historic markers, pass through the famed Back 40 of Culver Studios and end at Parcel B in February.

“It’s a fun family run through the movie history of Culver City past places not often seen by the public in the Heart of Screenland. We want to involve the entire community in the planning and production of the Screenland 5K Race of the Century to show the world Culver City on February 26, 2017.”
He asked runners and volunteers to call 310.836.0440 or email www.screenland5K.com anytime to sign up or register.
“The Executive Committee discussed this,” Jacobs reported, “and we felt Mike’s creativity is a real benefit, but not under the constraints of the Centennial Board.” A compromise was suggested where Cohen would produce the run on his own, with support from the board.
“The Centennial Board will contribute a significant amount of start-up funds,” Jacobs said. “It will be a great event for the community and when it comes before council, we be supportive.”
Cohen was to promote the run at the CCCCC’s tent at the opening ceremonies of the Culver City – Santa Monica Expo link.
“People are excited by the 5k,” said Director Jozelle Smith. “It will benefit the committee and the community.”
Robins, in charge of fundraising, confirmed sponsorship pledges total more than $200,000, with $175,000 received to date. “Our original budget estimate was $100,000,” he said. “We just added a platinum ($10,000) sponsor and can still target small businesses.”
While raising twice the original estimate, Robins said that may not be enough.
Opening Ceremonies may have to do without the statue of city founder Harry Culver. A bronze of the Culver family sits in front of the Culver Hotel, but will have to be moved due to construction of Parcel B, to begin shortly. No one seemed to know where it would be moved to. “Where’s Harry?” could be a game played by citizens celebrating his city’s 100th birthday.
T.S. Owen
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