CC Bicycle Coalition Becomes BikeCulverCity

culver-bike-parking2What’s in a name? When you are looking to find someone online, quite a lot. If you haven’t heard, The Culver City Bicycle Coalition is transitioning to BikeCulverCity. If you’re not yet a member or would like more information, now you know where to get in touch.

May is Bike Month and BikeCulverCity is gearing up for some amazing events to make it something special. There are a number of events we will be announcing over the next 48 hours so please keep checking us out at and connect with the homegrown Advocacy, Education and Outreach membership-based nonprofit organization for the Culver City Cycling Community.

Also, we are always looking for volunteers to help BikeCulverCity grow.

To see the agenda for the BikeCulverCity May 10, 2016 Public Meeting, please use the following link:

If you have any questions, or would like to add something to the agenda, please email us at [email protected]

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