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The California Primary will be held on June 7, 2016, and now is the moment to get educated about voting options. Turnout will be crucial for many reasons, and your participation is essential.

Presidential Primaries are especially unique because political parties have the ability to decide whether voters registered as No-Party Preference can “crossover” into their party, and vote for one of their candidates.

For the June 7, 2016 Presidential Primary Election, the American Independent*, Democratic and Libertarian parties have allowed “crossover” voting. Vote By Mail voters who are registered as No-Party Preference and want to vote for one of those three respective parties can do so, but will first need to fill out a “crossover” ballot request. Voters who will be voting at the polls and are registered as No-Party Preference simply need to request a “crossover” ballot upon checking-in at their polling location.

Please note that if you choose to request a “crossover” ballot, it will not change your registered party preference.

Voters who are registered as No-Party Preference and would like to vote in the June 7 Presidential Primary for a Republican, Green, or Peace & Freedom Presidential candidate, must re-register to vote for one of those respective parties by May 23, 2016.

*American Independent is a political party. It is not the same as being registered with No-Party Preference.

How do you check if you are registered as No-Party Preference? Check your voter registration status, click

Please note that you can request a crossover ballot at your polling place if you are a no-party preference voter, by simply asking the clerk at the polling location. If you want to Vote by Mail (VBM) you can request for a one-time VBM and return it before May 31.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]

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