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Light-bulb-0003-300x198Did you too get a large, glossy mailer from BizFedPAC?
The term BizFedPAC alarmed me. PACs promote their own special interests. I googled BizFed and up popped their mission: BizFed – Strengthening the Voice of Business

Does Culver City need an outside group to strengthen its already dominant voice of business?
With upcoming issues of building heights and density, with traffic congestion that worsens each day, with wonderful neighbors leaving because of affordability, do we need outside interests (that include land developers and Realtor’ associations) influencing your future and mine – and all that we cherish? The mailer has a disclaimer saying it was not authorized by the candidates BizFed endorsed.

However given the track record of many pro-business former Culver City Council members, it made me wary. Remember when our Pro-business councilmen ignored the overwhelming voice of the people who flooded City Council Chambers and instead voted to approve a major business development near Sepulveda & Centinela in an area already over-congested with traffic? Pro-business Councilmen over the years deferred allocating portions of Redevelopment funds for affordable housing in favor of business developments, leaving our City with no affordable housing.

We cannot continue “strengthening the voice of business” or Culver City will destroy its character and appeal due to its own growth. Now is the time to bring in City Council members who can see beyond the lenses of the Chamber of Commerce to balance economic growth with maintenance of qualit y of life that keeps us fiscally sound, while preserving our small town character.

Upcoming City Council decisions will affect all of us the rest of our lives! I do not want outside interests influencing or dictating my future as we face decisions on fracking, oil & gas development in the City, building density and heights, permit parking, etc.

This is why I am voting for Thomas Small, who brings international architectural experience addressing traffic, development and quality of life. Daniel Lee brings a needed perspective of balancing both economic and environmental sustainability. Meghan Sahli-Wells has already demonstrated her ability to listen to the needs of the people, and helping grow our financial prosperity while maintaining and improving our quality of life. For a well-balanced City I hope you too will vote for these three candidates.

Dr Suzanne DeBenedittis, PhD
Culver City

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