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lightbulbDear Editor,

I grew up in Culver City, made placards for my late mother when she ran for City Council in 1964 (we could have had a first female council member before anyone else!), and I still love my hometown. That’s why I strongly urge a vote for Scott Wyant on April 12. I’ve also known Scott for more than 40 years. I respect him as someone who’s always worked hard, without a lot of fanfare and ego, to do what’s right. In 1976, before we ever used the word “environmentalist,” Scott was writing to me from Guatemala, where he and Leslie then lived, talking about the need for water conservation. Scott joined the Surfrider Foundation the second it existed, and was out cleaning beaches with the Heal the Bay while the rest of us were sleeping in. He not only volunteered with his daughter’s YMCA Adventure Guides/Princess Program, but taught a kid with an absent father how to surf. As a volunteer, he traveled to China to teach English. He’s not a “politician,” but a community leader – he loves Culver City and wants only the best for it. If she were still with us, my ex-candidate mom would endorse him, too.


Carol Mithers

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Your experience with Scott Wyant differs from mine. Immediately before Wyant’s post (#26) on “Social Media Secret Society,” “Bruce Johansen” informed Wyant (#25) that, on the secret-society Facebook page, “people outside of your (Mr. & Mrs. Greenberg) area are so full of ‘vitriol’ is because of” you. “Vitriol” means “something you said that is very cruel and angry against someone.” He made a joke of it (#26), and, in effect, condoned the activity. He should have publicly rejected vitriol against anyone, especially long-term (41-year) Culver City residents. He may be a great person when doing other things, but we need City Council members with more maturity and better judgment.

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