Eriksson Video Takes on Updating the General Plan

12720_content_Culver-CityCity Council candidate Göran Eriksson has released a new video that talks about the importance of updating the city’s General Plan, parts of which are decades old.
Though the mundane document is something many residents don’t even know exists, it governs such issues as density, traffic circulation, open space, noise, recreation, public safety and even protecting our natural resources. In fact, the General Plan holds the promise of solving such concerns as mansionization, density and parking throughout Culver City.
Eriksson says in the video that, “It’s time to take an in-depth look at our General Plan and make sure it addresses the issues we care about today. It is time to involve our community in a discussion about what kind of development we want and where.”
Eriksson added that he supports an extensive community effort to help shape the next version of this critical planning document.
Watch the entire video here:
Eriksson, a small business owner, was recently endorsed by the Culver City Firefighters Association – an endorsement that builds on a growing number of individuals and organizations that have thrown their support to him.
He has been endorsed by four of the five Culver City Council members: Mayor Mehaul O’Leary, Vice Mayor Andy Weissman, Councilman Jeff Cooper and Councilman Jim Clarke.

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  1. I served on the Planning Commission. Goran hit the bullseye in his video, calling for a review of the General Plan. Virtually every major hot button topic which residents speak of lately traces itself back to what the General Plan has to say about it. While there’s only so much we can do about developments popping up around our city, of which there are many that makes it legitimately feel more densely populated, we can and should better control what goes in within our borders, and that starts with the mundane sounding General Plan. Community outreach for this will be key, exactly what Goran is calling for. Step up when the City Council solicits your help in amending the General Plan and be a part of something of major importance.

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